The Headnet

28 02 2011


Time Capsule # 2341

Date: November 2145

 Subject: HEADNET

My name is Yan Jing Bush. I’m world present in the year 2145. I’m a direct descendant of the famous and esteemed American President George W Bush. Today is a red-letter day for our people (that’s an old-fashioned description meaning it is a momentous one). Today marks the end of the written word as we know it. I don’t just mean the acetate that I’ve “printed” this time capsule message on, it’s much more of an end and beginning even than that. Our ancestors ceased to use paper 100 years ago. Everything was committed to a digital format or onto recyclable acetate like the one I’m including here, for future generations to discover.

 It does cross my mind however, that as our society progresses, the “skill” needed to read this message may be lost within a generation or two from this point, and my time capsule may be meaningless to whoever discovers it. Indeed the written word has been almost useless to our civilisation for many years now and is only practiced by some to honour tradition. But it hardly matters. Today, you see, is possibly the most important day in the history of humankind and the pinnacle of our technological development, to date. Today the Headnet is released in the form of a genetically-engineered virus, which has been designed to graft the genes required to access the Headnet into every cell of every human on planet earth.

 No longer will we be a separated species. Form this day on all peoples of earth, richest to poorest, of any race, social status, or educational level, will have full access to the Headnet from the moment they are born, indeed most will be exposed to the virus whilst in gestation, meaning that even our unborn may be able to access the Headnet.

 Most people who are alive today will not recall a time when the Headnet did not exist, but will have learned from your history lessons, provided by the World government, about a time when accessing information, data, news, thoughts and general world concerns was a somewhat detached process. Upon launch, the Headnet was, unbelievably treated with suspicion, by certain dissident members of society. Concerns were raised over access to people’s brains, information and most private thoughts. It seems ridiculous to us now as we live in an age where almost everyone can easily access the Headnet and by proxy the thoughts, feelings and ideas of everyone on the Headnet.

 When an event takes place, we all know about it instantly, we can view it over the Headnet through the eyes, of the witnesses, adding our own thoughts, emotions, reactions and even advice as it happens. We can quickly benefit from the experience and sympathy from others and take comfort from their reassurance that they too have experienced what we have.

 No-one feels isolated, alone, uncared for, segregated or discriminated against. Granted, in the early days of the Headnet, we had to ensure that those of a disruptive mindset were not given access, thereby poisoning the minds of the masses, but these dissident types have soon been converted or disappeared under the weight of a united and single-minded planet-wide populace. Gone are the days of individuals, expressing themselves in dangerous ways. On the Headnet, we are of a communal mind, and understand each other.

 Most people in our time live completely serene lives, without the need to ever leave their domiciles, for any purpose whatsoever. The “Total Immersion” aspect to the Headnet ensures that you can interact “physically” and safely with others, at a time of your mutual convenience. “Physical” contact is easily achieved on the Headnet, and it seems that people are content to live in this virtual environment, avoiding the unhealthy and dangerous social interactions of our fore-fathers.

 Money is no longer a concern for our citizens. Information is the only currency, and everyone has information of value. Whether it’s emotions, advice, artistic, or musical input, whether you’re a visualist (someone who paints images, or creates movies in their mind and posts them on the Headnet), a literary Head-netter (formerly a writer), a medical professional, or simply, like most of the populace, a voyeur, every single individual has something to gain and provide on the Headnet. No-one is without purpose, lost, alone, or isolated. No-one is discriminated against, on the basis of appearance, beliefs, or status. On the Headnet, we can look however we wish, and all of are equal status and harmonious beliefs, as directed by the state.

 Physical services are taken care of by our mechanical inventions. Each citizen is provided their physical needs via a second skin Bio-suit, which provides nutrition by a process not unlike photosynthesis, directly through their skin, while disposing of wastes and stimulating their musculature, via electrical impulses to prevent atrophy. In this way they can maintain contact to the Headnet at all times.

 Reproduction is incredibly simple and non-invasive in these times. Two parents are matched over the Headnet, under the guidance of their own parents, at birth. They spend many hours and years interacting, dating, and socialising on the Headnet throughout their lives. When the time comes for breeding, usually in the 16th year, a skin sample is taken by a robotic reproduction technician from each prospective parent, and manipulated to produce the best possible offspring. The embryo is brought to full term in an artificial womb, and immediately placed in his/her (depending on the parents’ choice) Bio-suit, which adjusts to size as they age.

 We find that this method of reproduction has enabled people to have the pleasure of bearing children, but without the inherent, discomfort and pain. It also enables our populace to be connected to the Headnet quickly, and stay there for the duration of their lives (normally 35 years).

 We are indeed the most advanced, accepting and peaceful society that humankind has ever produced, and we’re only getting better. We have, as a species, eliminated disease, war, misunderstanding, rivalry, competition, physical confrontations, discrimination, extremism, and the need for individuals to express themselves in an unhealthy way to the detriment of others. We have purged our society of dangerous ideas, in the form of violent movies and video games, as well as anti-establishment music and art.

We are producing people who share every thought, deed and emotion. People who are of a single, directed purpose, maintain the Headnet, keep the information flowing.

God bless The Headnet, and God bless a free and united planet earth.




3 responses

2 03 2011

reminds me of tomorrows world. (read the comments)

I also like this one:-

but most of all I want to know…. where are the hover boards man!!!!!

2 03 2011

Love the vids, especially “future-man”.
No hover boards this time.. Sloth-like race remember.. No use for it, would be like offering them toilet paper.

31 03 2011

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