On location in dEaDINBURGH

19 01 2014


Mark Wilson has recently completed his fourth novel.
DEaDINBURGH is book one in the dEaDINBURGH series and will be released through Paddy’s Daddy Publishing in March 2014.

Recently Mark was in the city with Paul McGuigan of PMCG Photography shooting key locations from the book.









6 responses

19 01 2014

I really like that first picture of the figure standing at the top of the steps. It has a nice post-apocalytic atmosphere to it, as well as being very ‘Edinburgh’.

19 01 2014
Paddy's Daddy Publishing

Thanks colin. I’m considering that particular one as a potential cover for the book.

19 01 2014

That is would make a nice cover was one of the first thoughts which sprung to my mind when I saw it. It’s certainly something which would make me pick up a book if I saw a cover like that. The placement for the text might prove challenging, though, given the position of the figure at the top.

19 01 2014
Paddy's Daddy Publishing

The title graphic will fit lovely at the Bottom I reckon.

19 01 2014

A little non-traditional, perhaps, but yes I could see that working.

19 01 2014
Paddy's Daddy Publishing

We have several options for the cover. As well as the awesome shots from paul McGuigan we also have a graphic artist working up possible covers. Once the three book story arc is complete it should give us a better idea which suits best.

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