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6 04 2012

Hello Mark. Saw your post on in response to publishing a book from your blog content. you mentioned you had sold 450. Was curious what marketing strategies you had implemented to achieve such sales. I can be emailed directly at:

6 04 2012

Hey Duncan, No great secret, I simply pushed the book in relevant forums on facebook, wordpress and most of all twitter. Of thos “sales” around 75% were not truly sales but people who picked up the book for free. This is what i was hoping for when I put the book out, as it’s not really a pbook in the truest sense of the word and was released to build my profile on Amazon in preparation for my upcoming novel “Bobby’s Boy”. It seems to have worked. I’m very proud of all the individual blogs and stories that make up “Paddy’s Daddy” but it was never intended to be a book.
Most of the strategies I used you could find in a good ebook marketing guide, judging by your website I would expect that you could teach me more about promo and marketing than i could you. Best of luck with your project.

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