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Team Indie was established as a supportive and collaborative group of Independent, Hybrid and traditionally published authors.

The blog allows us to showcase books and stories we love.

We do not accept submissions at present.

Mark Wilson


Mark Wilson is the Amazon-bestselling author of seven novels and one non-fiction memoir. His works include:

Coming of Age – Bobby’s Boy (Lanarkshire Strays).
Pyschological Thriller – Head Boy (Lanarkshire Strays).
International Thriller – Naebody’s Hero (Lanarkshire Strays).
Science Fiction Thriller – The Man Who Sold His Son (Lanarkshire Strays).
Horror novels – dEaDINBURGH: Vantage, dEaDINBURGH: Alliances, dEaDINBURGH: Origins
Autobiography – Paddy’s Daddy
Mark’s acclaimed Lanarkshire Strays series are standalone novels and feature Mark’s home county. Lanarkshire Strays is also available as an omnibus edition.

His novels have been well received and feature Scottish characters and locations.

Mark has several other stories in progress:

Prophets – An irreverent look at the return of Moses and Jesus.
Black n’ Blues – A psychological thriller.
The Switched – A Sci-fi/satire

Mark currently teaches Biology in a Fife secondary school and is founder of Paddy’s Daddy Publishing, a company he set up to assist Scottish authors. He writes in his spare time, in lieu of sleep.

You can visit Mark at Amazon US and UK, or
You can also connect with Mark on twitter: @bellshillwilson


Ryan Bracha


Ryan Bracha is 35 years worth of ideas just screaming to be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

To date he has written four novels, which are:

* Strangers are Just Friends You Haven’t Killed yet (2012)

* Tomorrow’s Chip Paper (2013)

* The Dead Man Trilogy #1: Paul Carter is a Dead Man (2014)

* The Dead Man Trilogy #2: Ben Turner is a Dead Man (2015)

He has also written:

* The Banjo String Snapped but the Band Played on (Novella – 2013)

* Bogies, and other equally messed up tales of love, lust, drugs and grandad porn (Collection – 2013)

He also has a story in, and assisted with the creation of the Near To The Knuckle anthology, Rogue. On top of that he is the mind behind the groundbreaking literary collaboration from 2014, entitled Twelve Mad Men.

His forthcoming works are the sleazy supernatural thriller The Switched, the second book from the Twelve series, Twelve Nights at Table Six, the third and final book in the Dead Man Trilogy, and several other secret projects. He’s also the head guy at Abrachadabra Books, and does a nice sideline in creating cover art and book trailers for other authors at no cost. He has every intention of keeping you on your toes until the day he dies. Ryan Bracha doesn’t do safe.

Visit Ryan at at Amazon US and UK and at for more information.  


Keith Nixon


Keith Nixon has been writing since he was a child. In fact some of his friends (& his wife) say he’s never really grown up. Keith is currently gainfully employed in a senior sales role for a UK based high-tech company meaning he gets to use his one skill, talking too much.

Keith writes crime and historical fiction novels.

His crime novels are published by by UK based indie house Caffeine Nights. Keith’s highly regarded black comedy crime debut, The Fix, has already garnered much critical aclaim. In November 2014 Russian Roulette is to be published. The enigmatic, ex-KGB tramp, Konstantin Boryakov gets his own platform to cause trouble and mayhem again. The follow up to The Fix will be published in March 2015.

Keith has also a highly successful historical fiction novel to his name – The Eagle’s Shadow, where one man resists the might of Rome. Based on historical fact The Eagle’s Shadow has sold thousands of copies and ridden high in the UK kindle chart since its publication.

As well as writing Keith reads far too much and is a reviewer for the respected Crime Fiction Lover and Big Al’s Books & Pals.

You can find Keith at Amazon US and UK and on various social media platforms:

Twitter: @knntom
Facebook: Keithnixonauthor


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16 04 2012
Ross Gale

Thanks for the follow. Congrats on your debut novel!

17 04 2012

Thanks dude

8 08 2015

Good luck Team Indie.

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